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This is a 360 degree video. On a desktop computer, Drag the video with your mouse. On your phone you should be able to look in any direction.  [vrview video="http://make360video.com/downloads/R0010382_20160729104548_er_injected.MP4" width="100%" height="380" ]

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CenturyLinkVoice: Investing In Virtual Reality: Small Business Tips

Part of a series of stories recognizing National Small Business Week By Bob Violino Technologies that allow prospective customers to see what they might otherwise only be able to imagine hold enormous business potential for companies both large and small. The opportunities exist in virtual reality technology, which replicates a physical environment while [...] Source: [...]

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Consumer 360 Video Cam Showdown | 360 Labs

People are always asking us what the best budget consumer level 360 camera is, or will be. Unfortunately there’s nothing perfect out there, but more and more good solutions are being released every month. Here’s a look at the currently available 360 cameras under $1000 that you can buy today. (No vaporware or fundraising campaigns!) [...]

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